What did you learn today?

I learned about asynchronous programming, JavaScript’s event loop, and the awesomeness of callbacks. Basically, callbacks allow asynchronous programs to run. It means “hey computer, go do this thing and when you finish do that next.” The “that next” refers to the callback or the series of tasks you want to happen after the code runs from the first function that was invoked.

Outside of coding, I stayed late tonight to hear Marcus talk about careers, communication, and leadership. Many of the lessons that Marcus talked about regarding leadership and entrepreneurship I’ve been exposed to at my time at Udacity. I haven’t lived those experiences yet so I wonder how I would respond in some of the challenging situations that he described. Those situations include…

  • What do you do when an HR violation is reported?
  • What does management look like on the executive team?
  • And how do you enhance your team’s performance when you can no long be just an exceptional individual contributor?

I think with more work experience, especially in management, that I can successfully navigate and resolve those situations or ones like them. I’m definitely a few years out from that in the engineering world, but I think if I’d like to propel my career towards management than I should look for roles that let me lead a small team and push towards measurable goals.

Did you learn anything new about yourself?

I like that I’m focusing on my career and communication since starting HackReactor. I’m incredibly happy and love that I get to dedicate 12 hours or more to my growth each day.

Anything you want to do differently tomorrow?

I’d like to go to Ace Hardware, set up financial tracking for house funds, and do yoga. These items have been on my to do list since Sunday, and I need to make time for them.