What did you learn today?

We discussed best practices and code reuse in one of today’s lectures. Sometimes, I tune out because I know the material well already, but this lecture stood out to me. I know I don’t fully grasp all of the ideas such as encapsulation, isolation, thin interfaces, and modules, but I know these will become increasingly important as I continue learning about JavaScript and software engineering. I think these ideas will play out more when I actually design a program or work on parts of a larger system. I’m excited for those moments.

Did you learn anything new about yourself?

I didn’t learn much about myself today. I was reminded about how great it is to use people’s names in passing and conversation. I recognized one of the shepherds on the floor as I was going down the stairs, and I made it a point to attempt say his name and to say hello. There’s some 30 something people in my cohort, and I need to continue to make an effort to meet them and the staff.

Anything you want to do differently tomorrow?

Today was a great day. I wouldn’t change how I interacted with others or my communication. I do want to start bringing lunch to the program. I need to stop eating out; it’s an expensive (and at times an unhealthy) habit.