What did you learn today?

I continued learning about Angular, including directives, ng-if, ng-class, and angular-ui-router. It’s all amazing! Angular let’s you create a single page application with dynamic views or even nested views. You can also add color, animation, and other visual effects using directives (basically HTML attributes). It’s the Angular way of doing the equivalent effects with jQuery. I think what I like about Angular is that my mental model for thinking about and developing small components resonates with how I should structure the application in files.

Did you learn anything new about yourself?

I’m five weeks into HackReactor, and I’m little tired of coding….

only kidding :)

I am slightly tired from going to school six days a week, but I’m loving the learning time and deliberate practice of coding problems each morning.

Anything you want to do differently tomorrow?

I need to write my long awaited blog post on D3.js and it’s .data function. I’ll also be coding up an bit-wise solution to n-queens and tackling two optional two problems: sumArray and asyncMap. Wish me luck!