What did you learn today?

I spent some time digging into CSS and layout. I finally got more clarity on centering content and positioning block and inline-block elements. My pair and I also made use of transforms and CSS3 3-D animations. We made our dealer’s hold card in the BlackJack application flip over smoothly. Our resulting application looked much better

After watching the solution video for the blackjack sprint, I gained a better sense of creating applications in simple thoughts by coding small functions and creating functions delegate to other functions.

Did you learn anything new about yourself?

I noticed that when I was pair programming that I don’t always describe what I want to do and what I am about to type before actually adding more code. I should make more of an effort to keep my pair aware of my thoughts.

I am getting better at debugging.

Anything you want to do differently tomorrow?

I updated the n-queens and n-rook solutions and counting functions by writing a more generic findSolutions functions. I also updated the Watchout sprint, which made use of d3.js and d3’s timer functions. I finally had a breakthrough about context and this keyword as it relates to d3 data bounded to DOM nodes.

I’ve been catching up on coding tasks so now I need to catch up personal tasks. Tomorrow will be my day to relax, run errands, and exercise. I want to make sure I prioritize those items and then save an hour or two in the evening to review for Monday’s self-assessment.