What did you learn today?

I learned that talking about JavaScript and my code is far more useful than writing code on my own. There were times in the pre-course work where I wrote code, but I didn’t fully understand what it did. I need to make sure to slow down and examine the code. I can create small examples and step through the code using debugger tools.

I learned a lot of fundamental quirks about the JavaScript language which was helpful.

NaN === NaN

I was also reminded to re-use other functions ala functional programming , which makes code easier to read.

Did you learn anything new about yourself?

Communication really is key to removing the veil from your own understanding of a topic and in checking to see if others can understand your interpretation and their own interpretation of the topic.

I think I’m still a little too ambivalent in my communication. I need to make more decisive statements. “I think because… or “I’d prefer…. Sometimes, my communication tends to use “we” or “let’s when I should be speaking only for myself.

Anything you want to do differently tomorrow?

Arrive on time! I need to leave my house by 8:30 AM at the latest. I tried to take an 8:30 AM MUNI train from the underground station, and five trains stopped and passed through the station completely full. I took a Lyft instead, and didn’t get to HackReactor until 9:18 AM. I could have walked briskly and probably have made it on time had I not opted for the MUNI. I should know better. The city of San Francisco should also know better and invest more in prompt and spacious transit options.