What did you learn today?

Shortly is the title of our newest sprint, and the sprint challenged us to build an application like bitly. We’re making use of express.js, it’s middleware, and authenticating a user with a session. My pair and I figured out how to hash, store, and validate user passwords. Tomorrow, we’ll tackle the bugs in our routing which relate to a “session” and a user’s cookie. We need to create another table to store user ids and session information. We’ve got a plan in place, and I think we’ll do well.

Did you learn anything new about yourself?

There are so many online courses that I want to take right now: Introduction to Recommender Systems, Human-Centered Design, and Responsive Images. I don’t have time for them all on top of the coding, writing, and reading I’m doing for HackReactor. I don’t like saying no to new learning opportunities.

Anything you want to do differently tomorrow?

My pair and I created a plan and wrote pseudocode before writing any lines of code. I’d like to do that again tomorrow.

I’d also like to pack my lunch and eat outside.