What did you learn today?

I continued to learn about data structures and coded up LinkedLists, Trees, Graphs, Sets, HashTables, and BinarySearch Trees. I wanted to check my understanding of the data structures and how to code them in JavaScript. I attempted to code up DoublyLinked Lists but the rest of the work will need to wait until Sunday.

HackReactor also continued to stress the theme of clear communication. In a blogging lecture, we were introduced to different ideas for blog posts, and we were given some instruction around establishing our online presence. I’m planning to do that exactly, and I need to find a hosting service so I can start posting. I also plan to add these daily reflections in a HackReactor section on the blog.

Did you learn anything new about yourself?

I didn’t learn anything new about myself today.

Anything you want to do differently tomorrow?

I wouldn’t change anything. I feel great about the program, my pace of learning, and my ability to code.

I do want to continue to eat lunch with a different person until I’ve met everyone in my cohort.